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"I first had the opportunity to meet Stew and Liz at a workshop. I wanted the resilience that I felt I didn’t have, in a world that doesn’t always feel certain! Jump forward a few months and I’m working my way through the Rediscovering Resilience programme. It is designed and structured in a way that fits with working full time and with other commitments. I have learnt many different techniques and strategies that I’ve added to my toolbox for life. I would happily and without hesitation recommend the Rediscovering Resilience programme to others (and have done!!). Life is not a dress rehearsal (thanks Liz!) Life is full of many opportunities that are there for the taking! I feel myself becoming more resilient everyday, recognising and working through that immediate knee jerk reaction, feeling certainty creeping in and knowing I am on the right journey. So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to lead through YOUR life?"


"Hated my business and the staff challenges I had and decided to give up.  Stew then helped me simplify my business and identify what the real issues were.  Within three months, I went from haemorrhaging cash every month to, bringing in massive revenue, working with ‘higher grade’ clients and having time to watch my son play rugby and my daughter horse ride."