About LifeFit Education

Helping everyone, everywhere, be inspired and fulfilled.

This is our focus, our mission, our just cause. Everything we do, we do to help create a reality where everyone starts their day inspired and ends their day fulfilled.

Sadly, too many people are stuck in the daily grind and are living with stress. We see people suffering from the pressures of careers, deadlines, expectations, and the perceived need to always be on top of their game. Their LinkedIn and personal social media post may suggest they’re living their best life, but for many, this ideal state is still yet to be achieved.

We’re concerned that too many people are living unhappy lives. They are not inspired. They are not fulfilled. Our concerns are reinforced by the growth in mental illness health issues being reported locally, nationally, and globally.  

At LifeFit, we want to help everybody rediscover their resilience. Not just so they can withstand the pressure of modern living, but so they can contribute to their family, workplace and community in a positive, rewarding way.

Research and our own lived experience tells us that we can only be truly happy when we are connected and focused on others. However these are challenging times, and before people can focus externally, they must first understand themselves and develop skills to help them navigate life’s challenges.

We'll help you find your certainty in an uncertain world. We'll help you understand the difference between conforming to society and belonging to it. And we'll show you how, by giving back, you’ll find inspiration and fulfilment every day.

At LifeFit, we are not psychologists, doctors, academics, or mental health professionals. We are regular people who committed to helping people live life better. Our initial focus is working with businesses so they can help their people rebuild their resilience. 

In a world impacted by Covid-19, where physical isolation and mental strain have increased well beyond normal limits, we find people are feeling more fragile than resilient and we want that to change. When people are resilient, individuals, teams and businesses flourish. 

Rediscovering Resilience™ is a 12 week programme, compromised of weekly online lessons and exercises, supported by online discussion forums. This format creates an amazing opportunity for you to learn from, and give back to, many others.

Join us on the journey.