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Teams everywhere, including yours, are fragile.
You can help.

A fragile team is unproductive

When individuals feel fragile, teams can become fragile.  This can cause frustration, poor team interactions and misunderstandings, which leads to diminishing trust, decaying performance and poor customer experience. Ultimately costing you time, money and customers. 


Resilient teams contribute to growth

Individuals participate more and perform better when they are resilient. As team members become more fulfilled, an environment of growth and trust develops. This improves workplace culture, customer satisfaction and business performance. 

COVID-19 has transformed the way people work, live, socialise and learn. People are experiencing high levels of uncertainty because they can't plan for the future or do some of their usual, daily activities.

We see leaders, managers and HR professionals looking for ways to help their teams get through the stresses caused by the pandemic's disruptions. 

Leaders want their people become more resilient.  We see them giving people space to rest and recover from the daily grind. They offer employees longer holidays, shorter workdays, flexible working hours and other 'recovery' options.


The problem is these things won't work. It's like giving your employees a sleeping tablet. Sure, people sleep better, but when they wake up, nothing has changed.

Stressed Man
Focused Office Workers

People remain unfulfilled and underperforming

While you give people more freedom, more space, and more flexibility, chances are they'll remain unfulfilled.  This leads to less productivity, worse customer experiences and higher churn. 


The search for fulfilment is one of the drivers of the ‘great resignation’ we are witnessing in organisations the world over.


What this means to your organisation is that it will have spent money, resources, and time on all sorts of 'solutions' but the same problem remains.

What this means for you as a leader is that in six months, 12 months or even 24 months time, you are at risk of being in the same position you are today.

You need to grow their resilience, not give them crutches

What you need to do instead is give your people tools to build their resilience, withstand and grow through pressure. 


Building internal resilience means they can survive the uncertainty, change and stresses of the pandemic, the housing crisis, job pressures, and go about their daily lives feeling positive and energised.

You need to invest in things that will help them with their internal growth, not simply give them external crutches.

Working on a Computer
Fists in Solidarity

We give them tools to grow their resilience


We follow a framework that gives your people easy and actionable things they can do, from today, to grow their resilience.

The Rediscovering Resilience™ framework helps them find certainty, through knowing their purpose, understanding where they belong, and teaching them that the key to fulfilment is giving back.

These three pillars: certainty, belonging, and giving back, are the foundations of resilience.  When in place they enable people to be internally inspired and fulfilled. They'll be happier in their work, better team members, and able to make bigger contributions to your organisation.

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